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Private Air Travel, Made Affordable

  • BAE Jetstream 31
Our aim is to make VIP experience affordable for all which will mean the huge expense of chartering an aircraft for you, your family, friends and associates will become a thing of the past where only the rich and famous can afford such a lifestyle, well, not anymore...

Please email us on sales@firnasairways.com to register your interest, be amongst the first few customers to get heavily discounted launch rates.
Watch the video of our first revenue generating flight.

Story Behind The Name.

Our name is inspired by the name of 8th-century Inventor, Astronomer, and Scientist, Abbas Ibn Firnas from Muslim Spain. Abbas was arguably the first aviator in human history, he built a glider from bamboos and feathers and took off from a cliff in Cordova in 875 AD (some 1,000 years before the Wright Brothers who built the engined flights). Abbas flew for approximately 10 minutes. Today there are a number of monuments named after Abbas Ibn Firnas including a Bridge in Spain and Airport in Baghdad. NASA also named a crater in the moon honoring Abbas Ibn Firnas for his contribution to astronomy and Rolls Royce produced 5 exclusive Ghost vehicles in Firnas Motif.  

  • Kazi Shafiqur Rahman - Founder & CEO

Kazi Shafiqur Rahman - Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur Kazi Shafiqur Rahman is best known for founding the ambitious UK-based airline, Firnas Airways.

The businessman, who has featured regularly on British prime time television, is a national celebrity and an award-winning international corporate personality.

Prior to reaching for the skies with Firnas Airways, Rahman co-founded Sunnamusk, a fast-growing and highly successful Arabian fine fragrance UK retail company.

Through his strong relationships with some of the world’s most prominent global politicians and big-name business tycoons and investors, Kazi has proven he has the skills, nous and sheer drive needed to cultivate major interest in engaging with big-scale business deals.
Rahman’s social media presence and fan base also serve to drive initial sales and push marketing and PR across the globe.

Kazi’s access to press and journalists is extensive – he is proud to personally know many contacts who are ready to write articles, create documentaries and more.

The prolific businessman is already working on writing a book and is requested frequently to engage in public speaking to large audiences – internationally and on popular TV.