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Firnas Airways
Launching 2018
Bridging the Gap Between Low-Cost and Full-Service Airlines
Firnas Airways will rewrite the rulebook for European short 
and medium-haul airlines. 
Taking a truly innovative approach to the industry, Firnas Airways will offer affordable and flexible services that redefine the air passenger experience.
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A new era of travel that puts the passenger first

Today, travellers on short and medium-haul routes are faced with a stark choice – either fly with a low-cost, no-frills airline, or pay a significantly higher fare to travel with a full-service carrier that offers little in the way of additional comfort or quality.

Firnas Airways will offer customers the best of both worlds – a full-service experience at an affordable price point, offering the best value for money in the industry.
Tearing up the Rulebook

OBJECTIVE 1: Firnas Airways will bridge the gap between low-cost and full-service, short and medium-haul carriers

OBJECTIVE 2: Firnas Airways will offer a service comparable with full-service airlines at a competitive price point

OBJECTIVE 3: Firnas Airways will continuously invest in innovative products and services both in the air and on the ground, 
that benefit our customers and enhance their travel experience

OBJECTIVE 4: Firnas Airways will target short and medium-haul, unserved or underserved destinations, 
with a view to launching long-haul services in the future

OBJECTIVE 5: Firnas Airways will deploy fuel-efficient aircraft that provide passengers with premium levels of comfort
  • Driving Efficiencies: Our competitive edge

    Firnas Airways’ initial fleet of fuel-efficient, prop-engined narrow-body aircraft will help develop a cost-efficient route network serving smaller airports with available capacity, offering flights to a convenient schedule that meets passenger demand.

  • Cost Efficiencies

    Firnas Airways will generate cost efficiencies through each area of its operations, from staffing through to aircraft sourcing.

  • High-quality economy service

    Firnas Airways will focus on providing a high-quality economy service, generating cost-efficiencies in terms of operational planning and resourcing compared to legacy carriers, which are burdened by having to offer multi-class configurations on their aircraft.

Network Planning - Targeted routes and unique destinations

Firnas Airways’ route planning strategy will leverage the benefits offered by its fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft.
High-yield yet underserved destinations across Northern Europe, mostly disregarded by the major carriers operating in the United Kingdom, are currently being assessed for fleet deployment.
Firnas Airways will only target destinations that promise high load factors with underexploited potential. 
Routes - Phase One

Commencing operations in 2018, Firnas Airways will launch short-haul operations serving United Kingdom domestic and European routes.
These short-haul routes will serve destinations currently omitted by Europe’s largest operators.
This approach is nothing short of revolutionary: Firnas Airways will deliver the affordability, innovation and flexibility that customers expect from short-haul flights with the comfort, services and experience normally associated with expensive, full-service carriers.
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The World is Our Horizon 

Approximately 18-24 months after launch, Firnas Airways intends to launch medium-haul services targeting underserved markets in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

This strategy will set the airline on its path to establishing itself as the United Kingdom’s third major long-haul carrier, servicing routes in South Asia, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and North America.

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Introducing our Team

A mix of highly respected aviation industry veterans and ambitious talent Firnas Airways’ executive management team boasts more than 100 years combined commercial airline management experience. The team has worked together to develop an innovative plan for the airline that will set it apart from its rivals through every stage of its development.

The plan has been vetted and scrutinised by investors, advisors, aircraft lessors, airport authorities and regulators, who have all given it their seal of approval. Firnas Airways is led by a combination of proven start-up entrepreneurs and experienced airline executives, all of whom share a common desire to disrupt the market and champion the consumer.
Kazi Shafiqur Rahman is one of Britain’s most respected young businessmen and entrepreneurs. Named British Muslim Awards Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by Al Rayan Bank PLC UK, Kazi has also featured in the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who Report.
Kazi Shafiqur Rahman
Firnas Airways Founder
One of the UK commercial aviation industry’s most experienced professionals, John’s career spans four decades and includes senior management roles with some of the world’s best-known airlines, including British Airways and Qatar Airways.
John Brayford
Accountable Manager
Jonathan has almost 30 years’ experience as a commercial aviation pilot and trainer. During this time, he has amassed 5,900 hours flying experience, including 2,900 hours in a multi-crew environment and 2,400 hours in multi-engine, single pilot aircraft.
Capt. Jonathan Ibbotson
Director of Flight Operations/Training & Chief Pilot
Brian is a highly experienced aviation engineer and technical services consultant. Brian spent 20 years working as an engineering technician with the Royal Air Force, before joining BAE Systems in 1998 as a technical instructor.
Brian Irvine
Continuing Airworthiness Manager
Bob boasts more than 48 years’ experience working within large airline organisations in various operational roles with a focus on safety and compliance.
Bob Green
Security, Safety & Compliance Manager
Katherine has forged a long and distinguished career specialising in ground operations for UK-based operators including Eastern Airways, Servisair and Astra Aviation.
Katherine Du Toit
General Manager, Ground Operations
Azhar has vast experience in financial operations for major corporations and international banking firms. From 2004 to 2007, Azar was employed as Director of Financial Operations for the Islamic Bank of Britain.
Azhar Khan
Chief Financial Officer

A name steeped in history

Firnas Airways takes inspiration from its namesake, the legendary eighth-century Spanish inventor and scientist Abbas ibn Firnas.

Born in 810 AD in Al-Andalus, (modern day Spain), Abbas lived in the Caliphate of
Cordova. Abbas is widely recognised as the first man in human history to attempt solo flight in 880 AD. Wearing a flight suit made of silk, wood and woven feathers, Abbas took flight from a cliff in the hills of Jabal al-’Arus and glided for a period of 10 minutes.

Centuries would pass before another human attempt at flight was made. Despite there
being little information about this remarkable man, there is broad consensus on the
contributions he made to flight and astronomy: Ibn Firnas Airport in Baghdad was named in his honour, as is the lunar crater Ibn-Firnas.

Emerging markets are our future

Firnas Airways is committed to taking a sustainable approach to its expansion and has pinpointed two key emerging markets to support the initial steps into long-haul flying within its development plan to meet the demand of the growing ‘visiting friends and relatives’ (VFR) market as well as expanding tourist and business sectors: Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Existing Air Service Agreements (ASA) allow immediate access for additional United Kingdom licenced operators into these markets. Although some direct flights exist, there are also significant indirect flows, mainly via the Middle East by ‘fifth freedom’ carriers with long transits, many at unfavourable times of day.
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Our Journey to Date

Key Milestones

  • UK-based broadcaster Channel 4 has commissioned a one-hour documentary on the launch of Firnas Airways.
  • Recruited a respected and experienced management team who are in line with our Vision.
  • Conducted extensive market research and carried out fleet due diligence and independant network planning.
  • Received written advanced assurance by HMRC UK for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).
  • Engaged reputable advisors/consultants to assist with Regulatory and Accounting needs.
  • Received significant media coverage from  respected publications including Bloomberg. 
  • Delivered strategic media campaigns on TV  channels and print media. 
  • Created a solid and meaningful brand and social  media following.
Benefits of Investing Now

Firnas Airways is SEIS and EIS approved by HM Government. (Very attractive tax incentive scheme for UK taxpayers)
Invest at a low valuation, we are anticipating the share prices to appreciate significantly as soon as we have launched in early 2018.
The current fundraising round is designed for angel investors who embrace the airline’s vision for growth and development and want to be part of its success.

Future fundraising rounds will target major institutional investors.
If you invest via Eureeca, your investment will remain in a segregated account with Eureeca until Firnas Airways reaches the minimum goal of £300,000. If we do not reach our minimum goal, your money will be refunded back to you right away by Eureeca.

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