Oxford Airport - OXF / EGTK 033 0113 6996

A British air transport company serving the Unserved and Under-served destinations that present a strong commercial demand. Launching soon with Charter Services.

Project overview

We have made a considerable amount of progress and 
we anticipate our launch to be very soon, we are undergoing 
rigorous certification process with the regulators, 
currently, we are in stage 3 of the process, 
we are hoping 5th stage which is the final stage to be 
complete within Q1 of 2019
Aircraft secured

Based in Oxford

Strong team in place

EIS Approved

Raised seed capital

Certification underway

  • BAE Jetstream 31
Our aim is to make VIP experience affordable for all which will mean the huge expense of chartering an aircraft for you, your family, friends and associates will become a thing of the past where only the rich and famous can afford such a lifestyle, well, not anymore...

Our fuel efficient aircraft has 19 seats, lavatory, pressurised cabin (meaning we can fly above the clouds) and is ideal for short trips within the UK and EU.

Our services will become available as soon as the certification process is complete and our Air Operators Certificate / Operating License has been granted.

Please email us to register your interest, be amongst the first few customers to get heavily discounted launch rates.

Story Behind The Name.

Our name is inspired by the name of 8th-century Inventor, Astronomer, and Scientist, Abbas Ibn Firnas from Muslim Spain. Abbas was arguably the first aviator in human history, he built a glider from bamboos and feathers and took off from a cliff in Cordova in 875 AD (some 1,000 years before the Wright Brothers who built the engined flights). Abbas flew for approximately 10 minutes. Today there are a number of monuments named after Abbas Ibn Firnas including a Bridge in Spain and Airport in Baghdad. NASA also named a crater in the moon honoring Abbas Ibn Firnas for his contribution to astronomy and Rolls Royce produced 5 exclusive Ghost vehicles in Firnas Motif.  

  • Kazi Shafiqur Rahman - Founder & CEO

Kazi Shafiqur Rahman - Founder & CEO

Won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by British Bank, Al Rayan 

Co-Founded SUNNAMUSK with a humble investment of £600. Grown it to a very successful establishment in 5 years employing 50+ staff (organically, no external investors or any bank loans/banking instruments)